it started to rain this morning.

the first time i remember being aware of the break of a storm was watching a cinderella story – i assume that i came across the metaphor before then, but nothing sticks with me quite like a hillary duff movie.

hillary duff tells chad michael murray that waiting for him to come to terms with his feelings for her was ‘like waiting for rain in this drought. useless and disappointing.’ a classic line that floats into my head whenever anyone uses any of those words or when hear you me by jimmy eat world plays (which isn’t that often but the situation does arise).

a heatwave has spread across the UK. hosepipe bans flood the country. everyone is sticky and sweaty and always slightly irritated. grass is straw, the ground is dust. the feeling is that brexit is doomed no matter what happens and nobody quite wants to think about it because it’s the summer and july and too warm. people quit their jobs. they fly away to hotter countries and they post photos on instagram.

but it rained this morning. it’s overcast in edinburgh and the leaves on the tree outside my window are dotted with moisture. i swore i heard thunder earlier on but it was just a loud bang from the building site over the road.

a change is gonna come. that lyric is from a song that i can’t remember and if this wasn’t this moment in history, i wouldn’t be able to google it and tell you that it was originally recorded by sam cooke but it’s the aretha franklin version i hear when that lyric floats into my head. i would have told you it was bob dylan or leonard cohen for some unknown reason.

everything is the same, everything is changing, july is a month like january that stretches endlessly and yet leaves before it can become anything tangible. unlike january, a month most people wait out to end, july is filled with pressures to enjoy every moment. the sun comes around so rarely in the UK – get out and make the most of it whilst you can. filter every golden hour that comes along, preserve it online so that when the rain comes, you can still post a throwback photo.

it’s drizzling outside. a thin film of rain over everything, green leaves even greener, gulping every drop before it ends.

what i like about here is that we’re equipped to deal with a bit of sun and a bit of rain and actually flourish with both. the diversity of weather is the foundation of conversation here. it affects our lives day-to-day.

what we can’t deal with is seemingly-unending stretches of one or the other. our infrastructure is not equipped for extremes, leaning too far to one end of the spectrum.

i thought about trying to make a political allegory out of that, about our need for diversity of voices, for change, for balance, but i’m too tired and it’s my one day off and it’s july and maybe not everything has to mean something else, something bigger. maybe, today, i just want to talk about the rain because i’ve missed it.