I am not a success story.



The email arrived in my inbox and I read it as I walked out of work, a sinking feeling in my gut swiftly replaced by defiance.

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Gradually letting go of Aberdeen

Moment of silence this morning as I scrolled Instagram. Please allow me this sentimental post as I come to terms with the fact that I’m really not going back to uni this September.


This weekend is move-in weekend for eager-eyed, bushy-tailed freshers and the start of begrudged returns for everyone else to the University of Aberdeen. I thought I had already come to terms with my undergraduate degree being over but apparently there was still some ties left. Seeing pictures of the beach and Broadhill and knowing I won’t be going back there at all, walking past the football stadium, up to King Street, down Spital and following that hill winding down to campus is making me sad today.

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Students, finance and mental health: why we should talk about money.

We are not honest about money.

Sure, in almost every conversation I have with fellow students, at least one of us will make an offhand reference to the dire financial situation we are in or joke about our overdrafts. We might talk about SAAS, saving us every month on the 7th, and how we can’t really do much, pay bills or buy food until then, probably accompanied by an awkward laugh and a desire to move the conversation on.

One of the coffees I felt guilty for buying. (Not pictured: my electricity and gas bills because I thought that was a bit much.)

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tips 4 ur dissertation

  • it will not be what you started with and that is ok
  • but also if you do research and find yourself knee deep in books you’re bored with, maybe take a minute and think why you started writing on this topic
  • chances are, you loved what you started with
  • if not, there was something you enjoyed about it
  • going through this process means i refuse to believe anyone would choose to make it worse and write about something they absolutely hated for months on end

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