tips 4 ur dissertation

  • it will not be what you started with and that is ok
  • but also if you do research and find yourself knee deep in books you’re bored with, maybe take a minute and think why you started writing on this topic
  • chances are, you loved what you started with
  • if not, there was something you enjoyed about it
  • going through this process means i refuse to believe anyone would choose to make it worse and write about something they absolutely hated for months on end

  • so, as i said, take a step back and remember when someone asked you last semester what you were going to write about
  • what was the first thing you said
  • and then you thought about it for a bit
  • and went ah yes i’d like to write about dream sequences
  • or yes i’d like to write about social media
  • or yes i’d like to write about the meaninglessness of life and how everything is a lie
  • (for more on this, read my diss. out later this year)
  • anyway, for me, i took a wrong turn somewhere around february and built myself into a fort of library books on globalisation
  • bored out of my skull
  • don’t get me wrong, i find it interesting and it is relevant
  • but it’s not all i wanted to talk about, in fact, it wasn’t anything like what i’d originally been interested in
  • dissertation is, for me, the triwizard tournament
  • harry gets help from neville and hermione and ron and a ton of people
  • and he gets through it partly with help from them
  • but ultimately he’s the one who has to battle the dragon, to dive into the lake, to enter the maze
  • at the end of the deathly hallows he’s the one who has to face voldemort in the forbidden forest
  • i am harry and my dissertation is voldemort
  • and everyone else is secondary texts, my dissertation advisor, my friends and family, random internet forums from 2004 etc
  • i need ron and hermione and neville and all the rest
  • but i have to make the call ultimately whether or not i’m gonna write on globalisation or not
  • i chose to face voldemort on my own terms
  • this is my dissertation, i can do that.
  • anyway, that’s my tip – remember why you started
  • people always say you’ll start to hate your dissertation topic and i understand why
  • but i read a new ali smith novel a couple of weeks ago and fell in love with her writing all over again and felt incredibly lucky
  • when i first read girl meets boy, i was reading a writer who was writing for me
  • i’ve never felt that before
  • her work in all its forms gets to me, stays in my brain and my heart and will (hopefully) continue to do so after i finish this dissertation
  • so do what you love, change things if you get bored, persevere.
  • (don’t worry if you cry a lot, just remember to rehydrate afterwards)

I really miss tumblr text posts sometimes, they were a perfect stream of consciousness format.


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