To Paris via Lovecrumbs

In January, I went to Paris. It was my first time abroad (aside from a four hour long day trip to Calais when I was about eleven) and a long-time dream fulfilled. For as long as I knew that France and the Eiffel Tower existed, I’ve wanted to go there. I bought as much of Accessorize’s gimmicky Paris-themed jewellery and stationery as I could with my pocket money and dreamed of walking the streets, talking in French whilst carrying some kind of baguette or pastry.

So suffice to say, when this trip arrived, I was excited. But before we could get to Paris, we had to get to Edinburgh. We arrived on the Monday night, dragging our suitcases in the rain and staying the night at a friend’s flat. The next morning, we got up and found breakfast in this place:


This place is called Lovecrumbs, a coffee shop in West Port with all the mismatched chairs, fairy lights and wooden tables lifted directly from your techy days in school you could ever want. img_5598

Ours was a short visit and an early one (hence the many empty tables) but it was just what we needed. I had a very pretty latte and some toast and it set me up for my first international flight. Also really enjoyed the bathroom downstairs, which I can’t explain and I don’t have a photo of it, but just go and embrace that everything is so hipster. And I mean that with fondness and a smile as someone who will always choose a good hipster coffee.  img_5601

Also free wifi, always handy. And yes, that is a piano converted into a table. I highly recommend this place; I really hope to go back next time I’m in the capital and try some cakes this time!img_5605

And with that, we took a slightly longer, certainly more cobbly route through Grassmarket and up and over the Royal Mile. No mean feat with suitcases. A quick stop in Caffe Nero to break a ten pound note and we were on the bus on the way to the airport.


Tune in next week to find out why I had to go through the full body scanner, what it was like getting lost in Montmartre at rush hour trying to find our hostel and stumbling upon the Sacre-Coeur, all in the first day.



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